Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson and more stars pay tribute to late Everly Brothers singer Don Everly

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Don Everly of the influential early rock ‘n’ roll duo The Everly Brothers died Saturday at his home in Nashville at the age of 84.  In the wake of his passing, musicians who were inspired by the duo’s music have taken to social media to post tribute messages in Don’s honor.

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr posted an homage to Don and his younger brother and band mate, Phil, who died in 2014, on his Twitter that reads, “God bless Don and Phil the Everly brothers we loved them peace and love.” The message is accompanied by a vintage photos of The Beatles and The Everly Brothers together.

Founding Beach Boys member Brian Wilson also paid tribute to Don on his Twitter page.  “I’m sad to hear about Don Everly passing,” Wilson wrote. “The Everly Brothers were a big influence on us and we learned a lot from their beautiful harmonies. Love & mercy to Don’s family.”

Meanwhile, Peter Frampton tweeted, “I am so sad to hear about the loss of Don Everly. Both Phil and Don created songs and harmonies that changed music forever. You will be together again now. RIP Don and Phil.”

Here are tributes from some other notable music artists:

Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis: “The Everly Brothers are integral to the fabric of American music. Very few of us can say we were around at the beginning, and even fewer can say we’re still here. With my friend Don’s passing, I am reflective…reflective on a life full of wonderful friends, spectacular music and fond memories…God Bless Don Everly and long live Rock and Roll music.”

Don McLean: “I met the Everly Brothers in 1969 and asked them about Buddy Holly. Phil said Buddy took the plane so he could do his laundry. I think Buddy had other laundry to do as well. This started my thinking for ‘American Pie’ which I wrote later. Additionally, Don was a great lead singer and unique rhythm guitar player.”

Kinks guitarist Dave Davies: “Very sad day. Both of the Everlys were part of my musical life growing up. We were inspired by their wonderful records and their singing and their voices. ‘Wake Up Little [Susie]’ was my favorite as a kid.”

David Crosby: “[The Everly Brothers were the first] people who made me really love harmony…'[All I Have to Do Is] Dream.'”

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