Rock star kid news: Lars Ulrich’s children form new band; Tom Morello & son jam with Nandi Bushel

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s a big week for the children of rock stars.

Myles and Layne Ulrich, the sons of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, have launched a band called Taipei Houston. From their Instagram page, the duo is a bass-and-drum two piece akin to Royal Blood.

Taipei Houston is set to perform next Thursday, September 9 in Long Beach, California.

Meanwhile, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and his son, Roman, took part in a “sweet improvisational jam” with viral child music sensation Nandi Bushell.

According to an Instagram post from Bushell, she and the Morello duo also wrote an “epic song together,” which will be released “soon.”

Bushell met up with Tom and Roman during her trip to the U.S. from her home in England, which also included performing “Everlong” live in Los Angeles with her drum battle opponent Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters.

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