Disney+ gives a second season to ‘Big Shot’

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Disney+ has announced that its series Big Shot, starring John Stamos, is getting a sophomore season.

In the show, Stamos plays a fired NCAA coach who finds himself coaching his daughter’s high school basketball  team. 

The second season gets underway in 2022. “This show represents everything Disney is to me — family, inclusion, and unity,” Stamos said in part in a statement. “But at its core, @BigShotSeries is about guts and heart, and that is what Disney + demonstrated by giving us a second season.”

Yvette Nicole Brown co-stars with Stamos, playing the Westbrook School for Girls’ dean Sherilyn Thomas. She told ABC Audio it was obvious from the beginning that Big Shot was going to be given, well, a big shot with the streaming service.

“It’s not my first rodeo, I know what it’s like when they believe in a show. I know what the launch is like when they don’t,” said Brown. “They believe in this show as much as we believe in the show. And we’re so happy to find out that people actually really enjoy it.”

As for Stamos, the Community and Avengers: Endgame vet said, “I feel like God gave with both hands with him because he’s not just attractive, he’s also talented. He’s also kind.”

She recalled, “I happened to mention one time that my dad loved salmon and vegetables for dinner. And I look up and FedEx is dropping off an ice box of — it was the biggest piece of salmon. I think he emptied a lake.”

“He’s just very kind…and thinks of others,” said Brown, “which you don’t usually find that in the package that he’s walking through the world in.”  

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