3 microwave hacks TikTok is obsessed with to elevate the way you reheat


(NEW YORK) — Ah the microwave, a simple kitchen appliance that is either overlooked and underutilized or a frozen food fan’s best friend.

But there are new practical reheating hacks for home cooks that are going viral online.

Isabella Avilla has racked up over 900K likes and counting with her video of microwave hacks.

Avilla’s advice was threefold:

1. Put your dish on the edge of the rotating surface vs. in the middle so that it can fully rotate around and ensure that the food gets cooked evenly.

2. Save time and cook two things at once by adding a bowl or mug underneath the dish to create additional height and more surface area.

3. To reheat pasta or pizza, she suggests adding a cup of water to release moisture which stops the carbs from getting overly chewy or hard.

Try these tips next time you’re in the kitchen and put it to the test and check out other viral TikTok food hits here.

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