HBO Max releases teaser scene of John Cena in ‘The Suicide Squad’ spin-off ‘Peacemaker’

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) HBO Max has released a preview of its new Peacemaker spin-off series from The Suicide Squad starring John Cena‘s vigilante, Peacemaker.

The clip of the character’s self-titled show has returning characters from director James Gunn‘s film meeting Cena’s character at a diner. When he shows up “in full cosplay mode,” wearing his garish get-up including a polished chrome cowl, they tease him behind his back — and then to his face. 

When jabbed that his red-and-white costume isn’t “exactly conducive to lurking in the shadows,” Peacemaker, AKA Christopher Schmidt, replies, “It’s not a costume. It’s a uniform,” adding “When people see this uniform it strikes fear in their hearts.” 

One character replies, “What people, the other people at the Village People trials?”

It doesn’t help that Peacemaker showed up in a red-white-and-blue car, with his pet eagle in the back seat — or that he named the bird “Eagley.”

“Is your dog named Doggy?” a character jabs.

“Do you have a daughter named Daughtery?” another snipes.

“Jealous of a guy’s pet eagle much?” Cena huffs under his breath.

Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director Gunn wrote the Peacemaker series and directed several episodes, after he wrapped work on The Suicide Squad. He called the series “an opportunity to delve into current world issues through the lens of this superhero-supervillain-and world’s biggest d****bag.”

The DC Comics character, who was shown to have survived the events of The Suicide Squad via an after-credits scene, fights for “freedom” regardless of the body count — of even innocent people.

Peacemaker debuts on HBO Max in January.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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