Yeardley Smith talks next ‘Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror”; investigating real-life horrors in her podcast

Photo: Peter Hurley

Yeardley Smith has not only been the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson since The Simpsons began more than 32 seasons ago, but she’s also the producer and co-host of her hit podcast, Small Town Dicks

The true-crime series is co-hosted by two anonymous identical twin detectives Dave and Dan — the latter of whom is married to Smith — and investigates big crimes that happen in small towns. Smith tells ABC Audio the series is a fun transition from Simpsons.

“I mean, it’s it sort of couldn’t be more opposite,” she says, before switching to Lisa’s voice, “‘Lisa Simpson is, even when she’s having a bad day, she finds the silver lining in the dark cloud.'” Whereas “Small Town Dicks is murder and mayhem, and what’s the worst possible thing a person could do to another person?”

Smith adds, “People ask me, ‘why do you think people are obsessed with true crime, and particularly women?’ I think it’s multifold, obviously, but I do think that people like the good guys to win,” she says.

“And even as we have this really relevant conversation about policing in America, at the end of the day, if somebody is breaking into your house who you’re going to call right, you’re going to call 9-1-1.”

The Simpsons just ran its annual pre-Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” episode, which Smith says the cast likes as much as the fans do. “[Y]ou get to go even further, and you get to parody some of your favorite stories, favorite shows, genres, whatever it is for us as the actors, it’s so fun,” she explains.

Smith even spilled some tea. “We actually just recorded the next ‘Treehouse of Horror’ already because they’re so labor-intensive for the writers and the animators. There is a…a fantastic parody of Westworld where Lisa becomes Bart and basically like takes on his bratty, bratty, and Bart becomes the goody two shoes and the world is falling apart. So, yeah, it’s pretty good.” 


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