Courtney Love says use of Nirvana in ‘Succession’ “truly understood” Kurt Cobain

Macall B. Polay/HBO

Courtney Love is applauding the way the Nirvana song “Rape Me” was used in last weekend’s episode of the HBO drama series Succession.

In a message posted in her Instagram Story and on her Twitter feed, Love writes that she’s “never been so proud of approving” the licensing of one of her late husband Kurt Cobain‘s songs, and includes a clip from the episode that features a snippet of the song.

“This cue in [Succession] is as if they truly understood KC, what he was screaming his heart out…without specifics…about,” Love says. “I’m sure wherever he is he’s proud of this.”

Other recent Nirvana syncs include “Something in the Way” for The Batman trailer, and “Come as You Are” in Captain Marvel. Additionally, an orchestral version of “Heart-Shaped Box” was featured in an episode of Westworld.

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