‘Eternals’ Lia McHugh reacts to being one of the MCU’s youngest superheroes


The massive Marvel movie Eternals is just hours away from flying onto the big screen.

The film introduces a handful of the most powerful beings in the universe, all with unique powers. One of them is Sprite, played by 14-year-old Lia McHugh, who she described to ABC Audio as “an illusionist [who] can make you see things that aren’t there and that spans in really cool ways.”

Adds McHugh, “You know, when I figured out her powers and then once I read the script, I thought it was really cool — the creative things that they had her do with her powers that I would have probably never thought of.”

If you think a a 14-year-old superhero sounds a little unusual, Lia says you’re not alone.

“My entire family was just absolutely shocked,” The Lodge actress recalls. “And one of the biggest questions that people ask me when I say that I’m in a Marvel movie, they’re like, ‘Do you speak?’ Which I think is pretty funny. I mean, no one expects a kid to be a superhero [and] have a bigger part in a Marvel movie.”

The Eternals features an ensemble cast that also includes Angelina JolieSalma HayekGemma ChanRichard MaddenKumail NanjianiBrian Tyree HenryBarry KeoghanDon LeeHarish Patel and Kit Harington, and with so many new characters, Lia thinks “everyone has someone that they can relate to, whether it be the diversity [or] the age.”

“I think it’s really incredible how Marvel was able to introduce 10 new characters, but really have the audience thoroughly understand them,” she adds.

The Eternals opens nationwide on Friday.

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