‘Lost’ lessons learned: Harold Perrineau finds his way in ‘From’


Strange creatures stalking strangers trapped in a place that may or may not be on this earthly plane.  Sound familiar? Cue the Smoke Monster!

Not quite, says former Lost star Harold Perrineau. “We have actual monsters! Not smoke monsters!” he says of his new thriller/drama From, hitting EPIX this weekend.

Perrineau plays Sheriff Boyd Stevens, overseeing a run-down town where very bad things can happen to its residents after sundown. And it’s his job to keep folks alive, he tells ABC Audio.

“He’s got a kind of sadness but also a real commitment. Like he’s going to get these people out of here as safely as he humanly can, and he really does not care what you think or feel or if you are in his way,” says Perrineau.

It’s familiar turf for the actor, who played Michael Dawson on ABC’s LostFrom shares some of the DNA that made Lost such a polarizing hit — right down to members of the creative team that worked on it. But Perrineau says they’re on a separate path here.

“We all learned so much from Lost,” says Perrineau. “Things to do, and things not to do…we realize this is a very, very different job and we have different tools at hand and we have different agendas.”

And while both shows are edge-of-your-seat fantasy thrillers, Perrineau thinks From has real-world parallels.

“We’ve all been like, ‘Hey man! If you were in a plane crash, what would you do? Who would you eat first?’ Here, it’s like, ‘Hey man! If you were trapped in your house, and you couldn’t go out? Because there are monsters out the door?’ Wait a minute. Aren’t we living like that right now?” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

From premieres this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on EPIX.


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