Nicole Kidman’s mini-mini skirt look for ‘Vanity Fair ‘drawing maximum flak


They say “if you got it, flaunt it,” and Nicole Kidman certainly does that in a new cover shoot for Vanity Fair. The 54-year-old Academy Award nominee and newly-minted Being The Ricardos Oscar nominee posed in a barely-there Miu Miu miniskirt and matching midriff-bearing pleated bra top for the magazine’s 2022 Hollywood Issue.

However, the glam shoot didn’t go over well with many fans online, who were quick to say the look was more befitting “Baby One More Time” than Being the Ricardos.

The website Jezebel sniped that in the picture, Kidman’s fit figure “appears quite flattened and even slightly robotic,” and “like an NFT version of herself.”

One Twitter user griped, “We need answers from who decided to place 54-year-old Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman in a knockoff Paris Hilton outfit from 2004.”

Another joked, “This is like someone has tried to paint a copyright-free Nicole Kidman on the side on an ice cream van.”

“Absolutely no reason for Nicole Kidman, queen goddess respected actress of the universe to dress like a teen on Euphoria. How weird,” yet another replied to Vanity Fair‘s post.

However, Kidman had their share of supporters, too. One pushed back against many people griping she’s been Photoshopped by saying, “people are saying nicole’s abs are fake and THIS is the time i’m ready to whole heartedly defend a celebrity on the internet.”

Oh… oh my… Win all the Oscars you want,” another Twitter user praised.

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