Horsepower: Bill Pullman narrates new documentary on the American horse

‘Nature: American Horses’ narrator Bill Pullman © Ami Vitale

Bill Pullman narrates the upcoming PBS documentary Nature: American Horses, which explores the story of the horse, and how various breeds helped shaped the American landscape.  Turns out the Independence Day and Spaceballs actor knows more than a little about horses himself.

“In our valley in southwest Montana there’s a few people that are go-to riders that can do a little whispering, because it’s fairly hazardous,” says Pullman, who splits time between New York and his Montana ranch, where he says life there “teaches you to get up in the morning.” He tells ABC Audio the connection between man and horse runs deep: “You learn so much about what it is to be human by being around horses.”

Nature: American Horses, centers on four signature breeds: The Appaloosa, Morgan Horse, Mustang, and the American Quarter Horse, the latter of which can gallop at speeds up to 55 MPH, faster than any other breed. But Pullman recalls his first riding experience was a little more tame.

“It was a pony so it was really easy to get up on,” he says.  “[J]ust throw yourself on the horse, no saddle or anything else and just…skinny up there and feel that connection to an animal bigger than yourself!”

As a rancher, Pullman also has tremendous respect for environmental preservation, and the lands on which the horses and other animals roam. 

“Our connection to parks has changed in the last couple of years with the COVID thing,” says Pullman, “and everybody is appreciating their connection to vistas, and what responsible ranching is with maintaining good pasture use.”

Nature: American Horses airs on PBS Wednesday, February 23 at 8:00 ET/7:00 CT.

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