Elton John teams with hot fashion line Teddy Fresh for new collection inspired by his “lust for life”

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When it comes to fashion, Elton John knows no boundaries. He’s happy to work with Gucci — and does, regularly — but now, he’s also teaming up with a fashion line started by a YouTube star.

Thursday sees the launch of the “Teddy Fresh x Elton John” collection. The Teddy Fresh fashion line is the passion project of Hila Klein, who with her husband, Ethan, is famous for the H3 Podcast channel and h3h3Productions YouTube channel. The line has a devoted following and has already created collections in collaboration with Looney Tunes, Spongebob Squarepants and Care Bears.

The new collab was first announced on Ethan and Hila’s H3 After Dark podcast, during which Ethan said he loved working with Elton because the legendary star is “so gracious, super-nice, and enthusiastic.” Hila, meanwhile, revealed that Elton “personally loved the designs.”

According to the Teddy Fresh Instagram, the new collection is “inspired by the way John has revolutionized music and broken boundaries,” and by his “outlandish style and lust for life.” It features “sequins…intricate patchwork and vibrant fabrics” that convey Elton’s “luxurious and regal taste for fashion and life.”

Some of the designs feature imagery from Elton’s album covers, like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and The One. There’s also a sequined baseball jacket with Elton’s name across the front in a font reminiscent of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fans are already stoked for the new collection, with one writing, “I’ll never financially recover from this,” and another adding, “obsessed is an understatement.”

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