‘Cyrano’ has a lot to say about love in new musical interpretation, cast reveals


Cyrano, out today, is the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, for a new generation.

Peter Dinklage and Hayley Bennett star in this new interpretation of the classic French play directed by Joe Wright, who tells ABC Audio this version has a lot to say about love, particularly not to be “afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to be seen. Don’t be afraid of intimacy, although it’s very understandable that we are,” Wright says. “And remember to tell the one you love that you love them.”

Bennet adds, “I think it has everything to say about our inability to express and accept love.”

“It’s a beautiful story about hiding our love and not feeling worthy of it,” she continues. “And then hopefully, ultimately, and maybe not too late, finding the courage to express it.”

Joining Dinklage and Bennett on-screen is Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Christian, the soldier who has Roxanne’s affections through devious means. Harrison Jr. tells ABC Audio he spent a lot of time with Dinklage, and he was a little star-struck at first.

“I think I was more so intimidated…Pete’s incredible. He’s a legend,” he raves.

“But, you know, I also understand that like when I go onto a set, they’re not looking for a kid to come fanning at them. And so I try to come in with some respect,” he adds with a laugh. 

In addition to a story about love, this version of Cyrano is a musical, featuring songs from the band The National. Wright shares that the music serves a very specific purpose as it takes the place of the “long extended monologues” in the original play and “allow the audience access to an inner world of the characters that they might not otherwise gain.” 

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