More drama, drinking and “unfortunate circumstances” await in ‘Below Deck: Sailing Yacht’

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All aboard: The new season of Bravo’s Below Deck has set sail! Below Deck: Sailing Yacht is back for its third season, which promises more drama, drinking — and “unfortunate circumstances.”

Chief Stewardess Daily Kelliher told ABC Audio about a “serious” incident that rattled the crew of her luxury sailing yacht. “We don’t crash. We run aground. But it’s pretty serious. They were just unfortunate circumstances,” she explained, adding, “No one was injured.”

There’s something else that happens that Kelliher isn’t a super big fan of — she hates it when the yacht leans sideways, even though it happens no matter how much sailing experience one has. “No five-star hotels should be tilted on its side. Like it’s always going to be a disaster,” she remarked, adding it’s a bad look for her crew.

And while there’s plenty of drama this season for fans to snack on, there’s also plenty of drinking and hooking up.  Kelliher admits it’s not all for show because her crew would be doing the same things if the cameras weren’t there. 

“Maybe not as intense,” she explained. “Below Deck is a special formula. There’s a lot of turnarounds, and very intense guests… You’re caught up in a in a special environment, something that not everyone can understand. You’re in our own little bubble.”

Despite Below Deck‘s growing popularity, Kelliher still doesn’t consider herself a celebrity.  While she is “proud of the show and being part of it,” she admits, “I don’t like to publicly tell people I’m on Below Deck.”

“I’m a yachtie. That’s my job. This just happens to be kind of my sideline maybe. We’ll say my side hustle,” she said.

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht airs at 8 p.m. ET Monday night on Bravo.

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