Stevie Nicks pens letter to Vladimir Putin: “I hope you never sleep again”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Whenever there’s some kind of crisis in the world, Stevie Nicks turns to her journal — and then she shares her words with her fans.  What’s inspired her latest missive is the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On her socials, the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has posted a “letter” to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, which is actually more of a poem. It begins, “Are you lonely, Mr. Putin? Is that why you sit at your long, long marble table alone in the night and through the day/and talk to ghosts[?]”

“Because you really have no friends — everyone is afraid of you; afraid to even offer up good advice, because great emperors don’t listen to anyone but ghosts,” she writes. 

Stevie then goes on to tell Putin that he “will never be forgiven,” adding, “Your ghosts will haunt you night and day. They will shake their heads and say, ‘This time, Vladimir, you went to[o] far.”

“I hope you never sleep again,” she writes. “I hope you sit at that long, ugly, lonely table for the rest of your life. I hope your ghosts surround you until you are old and grey and miserable. I hope the history books in your country cease to ever write another word about you — I hope you turn to dust.”

“I hope you become invisible. I hope you become ‘the forgotten one,'” she adds, concluding, “The ghosts are coming Mr. Putin. They’re coming for you. Perhaps, they’re already here.”

It remains to be seen if Stevie will turn her thoughts into a song. Her letter follows another post she wrote four days ago, in which she described Putin’s actions as “Hitler coming back to haunt us.”

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