‘Single Drunk Female’ cast warns fans need to buckle up for tonight’s season finale

Sofia Black-D’Elia — Freeform/Koury Angelo

The season-one finale of Single Drunk Female airs tonight. The cast caught up with ABC Audio ahead of the episode’s premiere to tell fans what to expect. 

Sasha Compére, who plays Brit — main character Sam’s former best friend — predicted that the finale will have fans “tweeting about where Sam and Brit will go from here.”

Brit is set to wed the ex-boyfriend of Sam, played by Sofia Black-D’Elia, but a teaser of the episode shows she has cold feet.  

“I think people will be really interested to see how Sam is evolved and they’ll maybe talk about her choices in this finale and how she has an opportunity to step up,” Compére teased.  

Lily Mae Harrington, who plays Sam’s friend Felicia, added, “A lot of things come to a head in this finale… There are a couple of things that definitely end up coming full circle.” 

Struggling to avoid revealing too much, Harrington said this episode will attack the “underbelly” of the series, which she says is “[f]emale friendship and female relationships, whether that’s mother-daughter or best friends or former friends.”

Garrick Bernard, who plays Sam’s potential love interest James, praised how the show handles those elements, as well as the the themes of addiction and recovery. 

“I do love [series creator] Jenni Konner‘s writing,” he said. “The direction that it has is really beautiful in a weird way, where these are funny people doing comedic things at times, but there’s no quirky music behind it. It’s a silent, realistic take on what happens… [with] alcoholism and sobriety.”

Bernard added that the show is a must-watch for those “who are afraid of taking that first step,” noting, “It is just nice to watch someone’s journey through getting better.”  

Single Drunk Female airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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