‘A Measure of Revenge’ stars Bella Thorne and Melissa Leo enjoy a mutual admiration society

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) New on demand is the thriller A Measure of Revenge, in which Oscar winner Melissa Leo plays a heartbroken actress looking to avenge the overdose death of her musician son. 

Leo’s character, Lillian, strikes up an unlikely partnership with Bella Thorne‘s Taz, as the grieving mom hunts down the guys who led to her son’s death. 

Thorne, who was a late addition to the cast, said working opposite someone of Leo’s caliber was “F***ing amazing!”

The outspoken singer and actress went on: “I’ve been such a fan of her work for so long that when Jen Gatien our producer brought it to me, I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll work with her, like totally! Whatever role it is, I will work with her!”

She adds, “I learned so much from her that that will help me in my future. That was really important. And you know, how do I soak in someone’s just effortlessness of the way they do what they do?”

Thorne admits, “I just got so lucky that it was her and how sweet and endearing [she was] and immediately takes me in and makes me feel so welcome… I was just constantly blown away.”

The admiration goes both ways. For her part, Leo explained, “The thing about it is, is that Bella was the very best thing about shooting this movie. When you get a young actor who is hungry and eager and willing and open and talented and delightful and dear, well, that’s that’s the cherry on top of Bella.” 


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