“Why would you ever wanna settle?” Jared Leto opens up to ‘Men’s Health’

Men’s Health/Jimmy Chin

In a cover feature in the upcoming issue of Men’s Health, Oscar-winning actor and seemingly tireless 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto gets real about his motivations.

When asked about juggling the titles of both movie star and rock star, Leto tells the magazine, “I’m impatient, and I guard my time really well. And that’s probably why I’m able to do multiple things and achieve some of my goals with those things.”

He also adds the caveat, “If you want to achieve greatly, I can tell you how, but it may not be what you want. I’ve…achieved some goals in my life, and it’s been a beautiful thing. But there’s a price you pay for all of it…”

While admitting balance is important in life, Leto also comments, “Why would you ever wanna settle?”

As for staying in share, for Leto, no amount of gym time compares to being on stage. “I’d put it somewhere between amateur bowling and . . . Usain Bolt,” he comments.

“[Y]ou’re up there having a good time, but it’s full on for a couple of hours. You’re singing and running around, you have so much adrenaline, and you’re performing at your limit. Your heart is pounding outta your chest, you’re dripping sweat, and you’re exhilarated, but you’re working your body in a really intense way.”

That said, the 50-year-old star isn’t sharing any secrets about keeping his looks. “I do have a good answer for that, but I probably won’t tell you. Just to keep everybody guessing,” he quips, adding, “honestly, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.”

Leto can now be seen in the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed, and will soon be seen in theaters in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man universe movie, Morbius.

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