Watch trailer for FX’s new Sex Pistols series now


Pistol, the upcoming FX series based on The Sex Pistols, now has a trailer.

The series, which debuts on May 31 on Hulu, was directed by Danny Boyle, the man who brought us Trainspotting, Yesterday and Slumdog Millionaire. “We’re gonna kick this country awake if it kills us,” says Toby Wallace as guitarist Steve Jones. Anson Boon, the actor portraying singer Johnny Rotten, declares, “The monarchy has stolen our future!”

We also hear Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren saying, “I don’t want musicians: I want saboteurs…assassins!” while his partner-in-crime, Vivienne Westwood, played by Talulah Riley, says, “I want to burn this city to the ground!”

In conjunction with the series’ release, Sex Pistols: The Original Recordings will be released on May 27 on vinyl, CD, cassette and digitally.  The 20-track collection includes tracks from the band’s only album Never Mind the Bollocks, B-sides like “Satellite” and “I Wanna Be Me” and songs from The Great Rock & Roll Swindle soundtrack. You can pre-order the collection now.

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