Ahead of season two’s premiere, the stars of ‘Woke’ say the Black-focused show is for everyone


Keef Knight’s tragic run-in with the police during season one of Hulu’s Woke amped up not only his career as a cartoonist, but also his activism. And, since the Black-focused animation dramedy is finally returning for a second season after three production delays due to COVID-19, its stars say Woke isn’t a show just for Black people: it’s for everyone.

Lamorne Morris, who plays Knight, tells ABC Audio that he’s both excited for the return and anxious to see people’s reactions. While the main characters, played by Sasheer ZamataT. Murph and Blake Anderson, provide their unique perspective on Black-related issues, Morris believes anyone can see themselves in one of the characters.

“We talk about the allies, the folks who want to be allies…the overnight activists…,” Morris said. “I think no matter who you are, you can follow one of these characters…and it would possibly mirror your own life.”

Zamata agrees, pointing out that each character “gets to analyze the idea of being ‘woke’ in a different way.”

“I hope people get to watch it and identify with some of the themes that we’re throwing out there and maybe question some of the stuff that they’ve been seeing in their own life,” she says.

In speaking on the difference between Woke and other projects that highlight the Black experience, all the stars agree that comedy is a great way to address what some consider sensitive topics.

“When we approach it with a funny point of view or an entertaining point of view, it opens that world up to everybody,” Anderson says.

Zamata adds, “…Hopefully they come for the laughs, but also learn a little bit at the end of the day, too.”

Season two of Woke premieres Friday, April 8.

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