Ex-Foreigner singer Lou Gramm appears on new song by Upstate New York-based rock band Lips Turn Blue

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images; MIG Records

Founding Foreigner singer Lou Gramm is featured on a song titled “A Little Outside” on the upcoming self-titled debut album by Lips Turn Blue, a band featuring the members of veteran Upstate New York rock group DDrive.

DDrive was led by vocalist Phil Naro and guitarist Don Mancuso, who played with Gramm in the pre-Foreigner group Black Sheep and also is a former member of Lou’s solo band. Shortly after putting the finishing touches on what was intended to be DDrive’s latest album project, Naro died of cancer in May of 2021. The group then recruited a new singer named Iggy Marino and decided to rechristen itself Lips Turn Blue and release the album under that moniker.

The album will be released on May 4, a year and a day after Naro’s passing. The band is now planning to start booking tour dates in support of the record.

“We feel we have a great singer and fellow musician in place that the music touches and motivates,” says Mancuso. “We want to get this amazing music out there. It needs to be played to as many music fans as possible. After our period of mourning Phil’s loss, we now have the drive and experience to take this music on the road and finish our next album, which is already well in the works.”

Lips Turn Blue recently released its debut single, “Just Push,” as well as a companion music video, and has plans to issue two more advance tracks before the album arrives.

You can pre-order Lips Turn Blue now.

Meanwhile, Gramm has three performances lined up for 2022 — on May 21 in Lynn, Massachusetts, July 28 in Springfield, Missouri, and August 12 in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Visit LouGrammOfficial.com for more info.

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