Did Candace Cameron Bure respond to being called “rude” by JoJo Siwa?

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Candace Cameron Bure has seemingly responded to being called “rude” by JoJo Siwa.

Taking to Instagram Monday, the Full House alum shared a scripture to her Story, which she attributed from Isaiah 26:4. “Trust in the Lord always,” read the verse, which was set to a backdrop of yellow flowers. Then again, it could all be a coincidence.

The post comes just one day after Siwa participated in a TikTok challenge where they briefly showed a picture of Bure when the prompt “rudest celebrity I’ve met” appeared. Siwa also named Miley Cyrus as the “nicest” celebrity they’ve met and Zendaya as their crush in the short clip captioned, “Pool day = exposed hahaha.”

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