Gugu Mbatha-Raw on the “juicy” twists and turns in Apple TV+’s ‘Surface’

Apple TV+

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars as Sophie, a woman who wakes up after a terrible accident with memory loss in Apple TV+’s new thriller series Surface.

However, as the show progresses, Sophie learns she has a whole lot of secrets and the “perfect life” she thought she had was anything but.

“Well, for me, I mean, there’s nothing juicy about having a secret, you know, as in life,” the Loki veteran explained to ABC Audio.

“But also as an actor, you know, it gives you attention. It gives you something to hide and conceal and wrestle with. It gives every scene a charge!”

As the series progresses, however, Sophie learns she wasn’t who those closest to her are telling her she was, either.

“I think initially, Sophie doesn’t know … because she’s lost her memory because of this accident. She’s looking to James, her husband, to create her reality for her. And she initially, obviously, of course, trusts him because why wouldn’t you? You know, he’s her husband. He cares about her. But obviously, as we get into it, you know, we see that there’s so much more to it than that.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays her husband, James, and to say he’s got his own secrets is an understatement.

“I think that that’s always, for me, the interesting stuff to play and the fascinating stuff to watch because it keeps you guessing,” Mbatha-Raw says.

Surface, which also stars Stephan James and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, debuts Friday on Apple TV+.

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