Anne Heche autopsy showed “no evidence of impairment” at time of fatal crash


Anne Heche was not high at the time of the fiery, fatal August crash that led to her death.

That’s according to the L.A. County Medical Examiner’s report about the Emmy winner that was obtained by ABC News.

The autopsy showed “no evidence of impairment” — meaning she was not under the influence of illegal drugs when her blue Mini Cooper slammed at high speed into an occupied home in Mar Vista, California on August 5.

The crash caused the car to burst into flames, setting the structure ablaze; the actress was trapped inside the burning vehicle, suffering smoke inhalation and thermal injuries that led to her death.

The autopsy revealed traces of benzoylecgonine, cocaine, fentanyl and cannabinoids in her system. However, the drugs weren’t consumed the day of the accident — and the fentanyl was administered for pain after she was admitted to the hospital.

The smoke inhalation deprived her brain of oxygen, leading to an unrecoverable “anoxic brain injury,” according to the report. Heche’s sternum was also fractured by the impact, and that injury, likely from the steering wheel, also “significantly contributed to her death.”

Heche was declared brain-dead on August 11 and subsequently taken off life support on Sunday, August 14, after some of her organs were harvested for donation.

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