Pink Floyd charity single raises over $600,000 for Ukraine relief

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Back in April, Pink Floyd released the brand-new song “Hey Hey Rise Up” to help the people of Ukraine, and apparently it was a huge success.

The band just announced that their tune has now raised more than £450,000 that’s $540,000 U.S. — “to help alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people.” David Gilmour and Nick Mason added money to bring the amount to £500,000, or around $601,000 U.S. 

“Hey Hey Rise Up” was recorded on March 30th, and featured Andriy Khlyvnyuk [AHN-dree KLIV-nik] of the Ukrainian band Boombox. The money raised will be split amongst five different charities: Hospitallers, The Kharkiv And Przemyśl Project, Vostok SOS, Kyiv Volunteer and Livyj Bereh.

In their announcement, Pink Floyd also encouraged their fans to do more, noting, “Let’s see what else we can do this winter… It would be great if you feel able to contribute to any of these charities directly.”

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