Peter Frampton gives fans a peek inside his Nashville home

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Peter Frampton is opening up his Nashville home to fans with a feature in the latest edition of Architectural Digest.

The mag includes photos of Frampton’s living room, kitchen, bedroom and music room, all bathed in beige and brown, as well as his studio, designed in a vibrant shade of blue. 

Frampton moved to downtown Nashville in 2011, but says the party city got to be too noisy for him, so he decided to move. And while he was first going to get a condo, he opted for a house outside the city to suit Bigsby, his service dog who helps him with the autoimmune disorder inclusion body myositis.

“I had decided to move, but in the interim I got Bigsby and I realized that living in an apartment wasn’t going to be the best thing,” he shares, noting that a visit to his friend and interior designer Robin Rains, who had a house in a quieter area, convinced him to get a home.

“Robin has land and Bigsby was just beside himself. I saw him running free and thought, Oh my god, I’ve got to move,” Frampton shares. “I needed a backyard.”  

And Frampton has more time to be back home now that he recently completed a run of dates on his North American Never Ever Say Never tour. He’s now awaiting word on whether he’ll be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year, with results to be announced Sunday, April 21, on American Idol.

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