Salma Hayek “burst into tears” after donning her ‘Eternals’ costume

Marvel Studios

Salma Hayek became one of the few Latina actresses in the MCU when she suited up as Ajak, a member of the immortal race of superheroes in Marvel’s Eternals, and it was an emotional experience for her.

During a recent interview with Despierta America, the the 55-year-old actress said she “burst into tears” when she donned the suit for the first time.

“Not like in telenovelas, but the tears came out and I said, ‘What happened here?'” said Hayek, adding, “The image of it did something to me…I saw my brown face in a superhero suit.”

“I saw my face as a little girl, who had to have a lot of courage to dream big,” she continued. “I saw the face of all the little girls…and I realized that a door had opened where I didn’t enter alone — but inside that suit were all the Latinos who waited so long for this moment.”

Marvel’s Eternal‘s is in theaters now.

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