‘The Bachelor’ recap: How do you solve a problem like Shanae-nae?

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Shrimp-gate boiled over into Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, which opened with Clayton pulling Shanae and Elizabeth aside in hopes of settling their dispute.

Unfortunately, the meeting ended in frustration when the dispute, which started over cooked shrimp, turned into a heated argument.

The other women were solidly in Elizabeth’s corner, but Clayton saw things differently and, at the rose ceremony, sent her packing, along with Kira and Melina.

Then, for the first time in two years, Clayton and the girls set off on an international journey to find love, starting in Houston, Texas.

However, any hope of leaving the drama behind quickly vanished when Shanae overheard the others plotting to get her sent home. A group date saw Shanae and the ladies playing a high stakes game of football, with the winners spending time with Clayton and the losers — which included Shanae — going home. Refusing to stand idly by and let the others carry out their plan, she crashed the party.

That led to an explosive confrontation between Shanae and the women, particularly Genevieve and Siera.

How will Clayton deal with this latest dispute? We’ll have to wait to find out, although a peak at next week’s show points to a two-on-one date with Shanae and Genevieve.

Elsewhere, Rachel joined Clayton for a drama-free one-on-one date that featured horseback riding and a down-home Texas-style family barbecue, followed by a surprise musical performance from country band Restless Road and Rachel picking up the date rose.

The Bachelor returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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