New band Skills, featuring Night Ranger and Mr. Big members, releasing debut album in May

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Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis and Mr. Big bassist Billy Sheehan are both considered virtuosos at their chosen instruments, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they’re now part of the lineup of a new band called Skills.

The group, which also features singer Renan Zonta of the Brazilian rock act Electric Mob and drummer David Huff of the band Giant, will release its debut album, Different Worlds, on May 13.

Skills have released an advance track from the album called “Stop the World,” along with a companion video that you can check out at Frontiers Music’s YouTube channel.

The video features a young woman sitting on her couch and flipping through channels on her television set, when footage of Skills performing “Stop the World” takes over the screen and she is unable to click to a different channel. Frustrated, she turns the TV off and heads out of her apartment. As she wanders a deserted street, she’s drawn to another building and when she enters, she finds herself in a room with dozens of TV sets all showing the members of Skills playing their song.

You can pre-order Different Worlds now. The album is available digitally, on CD and as a limited-edition LP pressed on white-marble-colored vinyl.

Here’s the full Different Worlds track list:

“Escape Machine”
“Blame It on the Night”
“Different Worlds”
“Losing the Track”
“Writings on the Wall”
“Show Me the Way”
“Just When I Needed You”
“Need to Fall”
“Stop the World”
“Hearts of Stone”
“Don’t Break My Heart”

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