Supreme Court reinstates death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

FBI via Getty Images

(WASHINGTON) — The Supreme Court reinstated the death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who attacked the Boston Marathon in 2013, in a decision announced Friday.

It was a 6-3 decision, with the opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas. Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor dissented.

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev committed heinous crimes. The Sixth Amendment nonetheless guaranteed him a fair trial before an impartial jury. He received one. The judgment of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit is reversed,” Thomas wrote in the decision.

Breyer in the dissent said Tsarnaev should have been allowed to present evidence that his older brother Tamerlan had previously committed three brutal murders to bolster his case that he “radicalized him.”

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