Gordon Ramsay says COVID-19 “wiped the slate clean” of bad restaurants

FOX/Scott Kirkland

(NOTE LANGUAGE) While admitting the COVID pandemic has been “devastating” for the hospitality industry, outspoken Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares star Gordon Ramsay says there was a silver lining: Restaurants are getting better post-lockdowns.

“Well, just s***holes in a prime position” were wiped out, he tells the Radio Times, and new and better restaurants are “taking advantage because they’re in a great location and they’ve got the [foot traffic now].”

He says, “the crap’s gone,” and “now we’ve wiped the slate clean, which is good.”

With many restaurants shuttered, would-be patrons got savvier in their own kitchens, he explains, which will make for a more enjoyable dining experience now that we’re able to go back to fancy dinners out.

Ramsay explains, “Customers have got so much smarter in the last two years. They know a lot more about food than they ever have done, and have been making their own sourdough, so it’s taught everyone [in the restaurant industry] to raise their game.”

“It’s wiped the arrogance from the industry,” he declares. 

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