“I was a drunk” — ‘Full House’ alum Dave Coulier announces he’s two years sober

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Full House alum Dave Coulier is opening up about how he cut alcohol out of his life, by sharing a throwback photo of his cut-up face.

“I was a drunk. Yes. An alcoholic,” the 62-year-old actor said in a lengthy Instagram post Thursday. But then he shared the good news, writing, “I’ve been alcohol free since January 1, 2020.”

“When I drank, I was the life of the party. I could make people laugh until they fell down. In this picture I was the one who fell down,” he recounted. “Not because I was playing hockey or doing the things I love — like chopping wood or doing construction, golfing, fishing or flying airplanes. I was hammered and fell up some stairs made of stone.”

Coulier said he loved having “beers with the boys,” but he eventually came to the realization that, as he put it, “I loved booze, but it didn’t love me back.”

He went on to note that he decided to quit drinking “for my own well-being, my family and for those around me who I love so dearly.”

Coulier gave a shout-out to his wife of nearly eight years, Melissa, specifically for supporting his sobriety and staying by his side throughout the journey.

“The psychological and physical transformation has been amazing,” he concluded. “The sky is more blue, my heart is no longer closed, and I enjoy making people laugh until they fall down more than ever before.”

Melissa, who married the comedian in July 2014, replied in the comments section, “SO proud of you. I love you and your strength so much!!”

She wasn’t alone in her support: Coulier’s heartfelt post has more than 120,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon.

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