“Miss You Pal”: John Stamos shares video message from Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

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(NOTE LANGUAGE) Like millions of Foo Fighters fans, John Stamos is mourning the loss of drummer Taylor Hawkins, who was found dead in a Bogota, Colombia, hotel room last Friday night.

Stamos posted to Instagram a video from Hawkins in which he ribs his fellow drummer for taking a spot in a commercial from him. 

“Stamos is a good buddy of mine,” Hawkins says in the clip. “He’s a great drummer…he’s a great dude, all that stuff.”

“But I am a little upset with him, actually,” Hawkins continues. “I have to be honest with you because I was supposed to do that GEICO commercial. You know that GEICO commercial where he flips, flips the stick. That was mine. Originally that was mine.”

He adds, “But they decided to go with Stamos because he’s better looking. But I am the best stick flipper around, sorry Stamos,” he continued. “I got this. It goes me, Tommy Lee, Stamos.”

For his part, the Full House star and part time Beach Boys drummer commented, “Yes, Taylor you are the best stick flipper and I miss you pal!”, adding “#gonetoof***ingsoon”.

Dave Grohl announced Tuesday that his band was cancelling the remainder of their tour “in light of the staggering loss of our brother Taylor Hawkins.” According to Variety, Sunday’s Grammys will include a tribute to Hawkins.

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