Rod Stewart offers to pay for young fan’s medical treatment in America

Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Sir Rod Stewart is paying for a British fan to receive life-changing medical treatment in America.

Sunday Express reports Rod met a 20-year-old fan named Abi Evans, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has lost the ability to walk, at a charity auction. Mayo Clinic describes the condition as a disorder that affects one’s connective tissue.

Evans told the outlet the legendary singer wanted to know about her condition. “I told him … I have a paralyzed stomach and nerve damage in my legs which means I can’t walk, but there was a possibility of treatment abroad that could make me better,” she recalled. 

Evans said Stewart offered to help her obtain the treatment. “He is sending me to get stem cell treatment in America,” she said, adding he said he “is going to help in a number of other ways.”

“I explained how a rare condition like mine hugely benefits from awareness, that leads to advances in research. He understood that and with his profile said he would help,” she explained. Evans said Stewart wants to “make life a bit better for other people with the condition as well.”

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