Sebastian Maniscalco’s opening pitch at Sunday’s Chicago Cubs game was a real bear


Comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco came to his hometown of Chicago to promote his new comedy About My Father, and while he was in town, he had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at Sunday’s Cubs game.

While it was an honor, The Irishman co-star shared a laugh about it with ABC Audio. “Well, I just ruptured my bicep a few days ago, so I have a hole in my bicep. So I was worried about, you know, throwing this thing and ripping my arm apart,” he explains.

“But I did almost a lob. It was a high pop fly into the catcher’s mitt.”

That said, the experience gave him pause that brought to mind the title of one of his Netflix comedy specials, Is It Me?

“I thought I was going to get a catcher from the Cubs to catch the pitch,” Sebastian vented. “They put the mascot in there! Now I’m like, ‘When did this start?!’ I thought you get a real player, and here I am pitching to a bear.” 

Starring Robert De Niro as his dad, About My Father also stars Kim Cattrall, Leslie Bibb and Workaholics vet Anders Holm. It hits theaters May 26.

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